Beaver Lake is coming up. We start practice on Sunday. Maybe one of these tournaments I will put 2 days in a row together. All 3 events I have had 1 good day and 1 terrible day. Rayburn was no different but it hurt worse. Always remember, when they quit biting, you got to make a change. KVD says it every post. Attitude is everything. We gonna go to Beaver and catch em good and get right back in the hunt for the Cup. Still can't wait for those last 2. Still searching for a title sponsor to wrap my boat this season. I have a pretty good lead for the rest of the season. We will see what happens. Keep checking in for an announcement after we get back from Beaver.

I will continue booking guide trips and electronics trips as we go. Naturally, my schedule with the travel for the tour will determine when I'm available, but we will work it in. Good luck and good fishing.

Jason Lambert
Fishing Pickwick Lake with Jason Lambert
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